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When water drips through the ceiling its serious! Plymouth Plumbers will attend your emergency tank repair usually within the hour, Most people ignore what goes on in their loft but quiet often the cold water tank is in desperate need of inspection to ensure there is no serious risks to your health, or its in a dangerous condition.
The job of a cold water storage cistern is to provide a usable wholesome volume of water at all times
It also provides the sanitary appliances with the suitable pressure

Cold water storage cisterns were manufactured from a variety of materials, such as
  • Galvanized Steel Cold Water Storage Cisterns
  • Asbestos Cement Cold Water Storage Cisterns
  • Fiberglass Cold Water Storage Cisterns
  • However plastic or "PVC" is mainly used today

Asbestos Cement Cold Water Storage Tank
Galvanised Steel Cold Water Storage Tank
Fibre Glass Cold Water Storage Tank
Plastic Cold Water Storage Tank

Plymouth Plumbers offer you a Comprehensive Inspection of your cold water tank for only £55.00!

In today's WRAS approved CWSC the water needs to be of a wholesome quality, therefore it is essential that good work practice is observed and that water regulations and building regulations are followed at at all times!

For only £55.00 Plymouth Plumbers offer you a comprehensive inspection of your cold water storage cistern that provides you with a written report on the condition of yout cold water tank.

Incorrectly installed water tanks are at risk of contamination from insects vermin and bacteria such as legionella, when you consider you could be cleaning your teeth or bathing in this water!!

The installation and use of cold water storage cisterns and sectional tanks connected to the public water supply must comply with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 in England and Wales 


Consideration must be given to the siting of the cistern, and the following questions must be asked?

Head - is there any appliances on the plumbing system that require a minimum head?
Ease of access for maintenance - is there the minimum space requirements?
Temperature - will the cistern be subject to extreme temperatures?
Structural tolerances -1m3 of water weighs 1000 kg , can ample support be provided?



If you choose a plumber who fails to design & install your cold water storage cistern in the correct way……………….you may create an extremely unsafe situation.
There have sadly been fatalities because of bad practice

Rhianna Hardie suffered 85% burns in the incident and sadly died





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