Gas Explosions happen.......Get your gas appliances checked, for your peace of mind call Plymouth Plumbers.


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Did You Know?

On Average there are about 4 explosions per year in the United Kingdom.

Around 50 people are killed each year due to faulty gas appliances.

Gas Safe replaced CORGI and it is Gas Safe that now govern the  register for competent Gas Engineers

Get Your Gas Appliances and Gas Pipework Services Checked Now! by one of our registered Gas Safe Engineers


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Gas leaks advice

What should you do if you think you have a gas leak?

  • Open doors and windows.
  • Check if the pilot light has gone out. If any gas appliances have been left on, turn them off. If the pilot light is still on and your gas appliances are all off, there may be a gas escape.
  • Turn off the gas at the mains.
  • Phone the National Gas Emergency Number immediately on 0800 111 999. (Do not call from a mobile phone). Please do not send us an email or use the 'Contact us' page on this site to report a gas leak.
  • Do not turn light switches on or off, use doorbells, mobile phones, or any other electrical switches.
  • Do not smoke, light a match or use any other kind of naked flame.
  • If your mains tap is in an external meter cabinet, make sure you know where the key is. Please phone us  on (01752) 876734 / 07455 102473

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CALL (01752) 876734 / 07455 102473

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