Here is a selection of our new radiators, plymouth plumbers have great deals on all new radiators  for replacement radiators or for new installations please contact us for our prices.


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Plymouth Plumbers can supply and install a variety of different style radiators from the traditional column radiators or something that is more modern and contemporary
plymouth plumbers radiators
new radiators
plymouth plumbers radiators
plymouth plumbers radiators
Plymouth Plumbers also supply and install a variety of different style bathroom towel radiators from the traditional column radiators or something that is more modern and contemporary
Plymouth plumbers towelrail
Plymouth plumbers towelrail
Plymouth plumbers towelrail
Plymouth plumbers towelrail
plymouth plumbers radiators
Our panel radiators come in a range of different sizes and outputs, A choice of double panel, single convector radiators. That offer factory fitted top grilles and side panels, with a high quality finish. All radiators are boxed with sturdy supports and packaging.

Pressure tested to 13bar. Max. working pressure 10bar. Heat outputs calculated at Delta_T50k. Max. working temperature of 120°C. 

  • 12 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee
  • High Thermal Capacity
  • CE Certification 

Note: Below is a selection of panel radiators that can be chosen for our central heating pack



Single Radiator300mm x 600mm 1148 BTU 337Watts
Single Radiator300mm x1000mm 1914 BTU 561Watts
Single Radiator500mm x 400mm 1131 BTU 332Watts
Single Radiator500mm x 500mm 1414 BTU 415Watts
Single Radiator500mm x 600mm 1697 BTU 497Watts
Single Radiator500mm x 700mm 1980 BTU 580Watts
Single Radiator500mm x 800mm 2253 BTU 663Watts
Single Radiator500mm x 900mm 2515 BTU 737Watts
Single Radiator500mm x 1000mm 2828 BTU 829Watts
Single Radiator500mm x 1200mm 3394 BTU 995Watts
Single Radiator600mm x 400mm 1299 BTU 381Watts
Single Radiator600mm x 500mm 1624 BTU 476Watts
Single Radiator600mm x 600mm 1949 BTU 571Watts
Single Radiator600mm x 700mm 2274 BTU 666Watts
Single Radiator600mm x 800mm 2599 BTU 762Watts
Single Radiator600mm x 900mm 2917 BTU 855Watts
Single Radiator600mm x 1000mm 3248 BTU 952Watts
Single Radiator600mm x 1200mm 3898 BTU 1142Watts
Single Radiator500mm x 1400mm 3883 BTU 1138Watts
Single Radiator600mm x 1400mm 4528 BTU 1327Watts
Type 21 Radiator 600mm x400mm1825 BTU 535 Watts
Type 21 Radiator 600mm x500mm2279 BTU 668 Watts
Type 21 Radiator 600mm x600mm2614 BTU 803 Watts
Type 21 Radiator 600mm x700mm3194 BTU 936 Watts
Type 21 Radiator 600mm x800mm3647 BTU 1069 Watts
Type 21 Radiator 600mm x900mm4105 BTU 1203 Watts
Type 21 Radiator 600mm x1000mm4558 BTU 1336 Watts
Type 21 Radiator 600mm x1200mm5473 BTU 1604 Watts
 Plymouth plumbers towelrailradiator offer 
 Curved  Towel Radiator 1100 x 600mm
 Supplied & installed From £228.00!!!
Are your existing radiators not heating up?
Then checkout our power flushing page
Double Radiator300mm x 600mm 2153 BTU 631Watts
Double Radiator300mm x 1000mm 3589 BTU 1052Watts
Double Radiator300mm x 1200mm 4307 BTU 1262Watts
Double Radiator300mm x 1400mm 5025 BTU 1473Watts
Double Radiator500mm x 400mm 2133 BTU 625Watts
Double Radiator500mm x 500mm 2666 BTU 781Watts
Double Radiator500mm x 600mm 3200 BTU 938Watts
Double Radiator500mm x 700mm 3733 BTU 1094Watts
Double Radiator500mm x 800mm 4266 BTU 1250Watts
Double Radiator500mm x 900mm 4612 BTU 1352Watts
Double Radiator500mm x 1000mm 5333 BTU 1563Watts
Double Radiator500mm x 1200mm 6400 BTU 1876Watts
Double Radiator600mm x 400mm 2454 BTU 719Watts
Double Radiator600mm x 500mm 3067 BTU 899Watts
Double Radiator600mm x 600mm 3681 BTU 1079Watts
Double Radiator600mm x 700mm 4294 BTU 1256Watts
Double Radiator600mm x 800mm 4908 BTU 1438Watts
Double Radiator600mm x 900mm 5312 BTU 1557Watts
Double Radiator600mm x 1000mm 6134 BTU 1798Watts
Double Radiator600mm x 1200mm 7362 BTU 2158Watts
Double Radiator500mm x 1400mm 7148 BTU 2095Watts
Double Radiator600mm x 1400mm 8284 BTU 2428Watts
The MHS Radiator catalouge....for quality radiators with a difference that can be supplied and installed.
 plymouth plumbers radiators

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