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Global warming it too late?

Are you ready for the energy revolution?

Hot Water Solar Panels

The benefits and financial rewards of harvesting solar energy by using solar panels are becoming more and more, We believe Renewable technology solar installers are heroes, not in the 'super power' type way, but, it will be the rapid installation of solar panels worldwide, which could save our beautiful planet from our addiction to burning oil.

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Rain Water Harvesting


At Plymouth Plumbing, we are installing more and more rain water harvesting systems each year. As waters mains is getting more and more expensive more and more people are installing rainwater harvesting system's we can help you buy fitting the best product to suit your home which will save you money in the long run. Please contact us for more information

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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Imagine never having to worry about turning your heating controls down to save money.

Imagine your home being constantly warm and comfortable.
Imagine a heating system that uses renewable energy, requires no regular maintenance and is completely safe with no local greenhouse emissions.

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 global warming Many people think solar panels in the UK climate are ineffective, but this is incorrect. The UK receives 60% solar energy that the equator receives, meaning solar panels are a real option for the UK environment.

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